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7. and 8. Jan


Make your




Mini Package

Perfect for up to 30 people


   DiskOnKey/upload with all       your photos


600 CHF


Perfect for up to 50 people


  • 180 magnetic photos 

  • 180 prints

  • High-quality prints 

  • Photographer

  • up to 4hr.

  • Frame design            custom made 

  • for each event

  • Giant wooden frame for hanging the ready photos


 DiskOnKey/upload with all   your photos


750 CHF


Unlimited Package

Perfect for big events


   DiskOnKey/upload with all             your photos


900 CHF

1100 CHF

Medium Package


About Us

Hello! I'm the guy behind photo magnet.

I am super excited to bring this fantastic Idea to event photography in Switzerland.

I will be more than happy to make your event unforgettable with our special souvenirs

for you and your guests.

I'm always available to answer any questions.


Make your event


with memories 

for all your guests

Event Photographer

Make your event  special with our magnetic photos service


We provide a  photographer that walks around and takes pictures of you and your guests while you enjoy your event.

We choose your best ones, edit them, then print the photos with a magnetic back for you to take home.

All pictures are going to be fully magnetic, you can use them as normal pictures or use any magnetic surface at home to hold your magnetic photo.

We make the frame by request, all frames are being designed before the event to the request of the hosts. 

Giant frame station - where we hang all the multiplied photos according to the number of people on the photos so everyone gets their copy to take back home.

We bring this new idea to Switzerland, be one of the first ones to have this special photography service in your event.